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April 2012 Experiment

  1. Access the P2P-Tube site and install the NextShare plugin (see the large icons on the right).
  2. * In case you use Linux, you need to install the SwarmPlayer plugin as a Firefox plugin.
  3. * In case you use Windows, you may install any of the two plugins: the SwarmPlayer plugin for Firefox, or the VLC plugin as a Firefox or IE plugin.
  4. Go to the Startup event movie and play it using 1080p resolution (use the button on the bottom right).
  5. * In case of problems please use the support features.
  6. Use a standalone BitTorrent client to download the “Startup event movie” from this .torrent file.
  7. * You may use any BitTorrent client you want.
  8. Please fill the BitTorrent client you used and your public IP address in this form.
  9. In case you run Linux, or are able to run Linux, download the swift source code:
    git clone
  10. Compile the swift source code:
  11. * The swift} executable file should be created.
  12. Please download the “Startup event movie” file using swift:
    ./swift -p -t -h f7fbea57a0637e6f4de3abd0b1e06eaefe14cc3b -f startup-event-1_1080p.ogv
  13. (optional) Login (or register) to the P2P-Tube site.
  14. * You may use the account from}, in case you have one.
  15. (optional) Browse the site and play various movies, check out its features.
  16. (optional) Provide feedback for the P2P-Tube site on the feedback form.
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