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 Also look at [[|CyberEdu]] for collections of challenges to solve. Also look at [[|CyberEdu]] for collections of challenges to solve.
 +===== Vulnerable Boxes =====
 +A more complex set of challenges figures an entire virtual machine that you have to exploit.
 +The virtual machine usually has a realistic setup with a vulnerability (or more) that you have to discover.
 +The virtual machine has to either be downloaded or it is accessible online.
 +These challenges are more difficult as they generally require you to go through all steps of a cybersecurity attack: reconnaissance, enumeration, exploiting, remote code execution, privilege escalation.
 +This also makes them more realistic, so it's important you take a look on those.
 +[[|TryHackMe]] is an excellent platform with both free and paid content and online virtual machines.
 +It provides learning-centered "paths" in which you can discover or expand computer and cybersecurity related topics.
 +All items are centered around remotely accessible virtual machines (via a VPN connection).
 +Another place to look into is [[|VulnHub]].
 +VulnHub is a community repository of vulnerable virtual machines.
 +Community members create and make available virtual machines on the VulnHub website.
 +Virtual machines have to be downloaded and installed and exploited locally.
 +As a community-centered repository, VulnHub has a large set of vulnerable boxes you can toy around with.
 +[[|Hack the Box]] is the next place you want to look for vulnerable boxes.
 +Hack the Boxes is a more business-oriented organization, with items also available based on a paid subscription and special offers for companies.
 +Virtual machines are already deployed and you can access remotely via a VPN connection.
 ===== CTFs ===== ===== CTFs =====
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