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August 2, 2009


My name is Răzvan Deaconescu. I am Teaching Assistant and PhD student at University Politehnica of Bucharest, in the Computer Science Department. I am also a member of the ROSEdu community and the Stagii pe Bune initiative.

I am passionate about computers and technology and this blog is meant to help me share my knowledge about these subjects. My fields of interest include operating systems, networking, system programming, system administration and free/open-source software and communities.

I believe that knowledge sharing, communication and collaboration are keys to successful activities. I am striving to learn as much as I can from the others and give as much back. Hopefully the posts in this blog will be found useful and help spread both old and new information and skills. Comments are welcome!

That’s it for now! Back to work!

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  1. Sergiu wrote:

    Welcome to the blogosphere :D


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