2020-02-03 Razvan Deaconescutranzactii-sex: Add content master
2020-02-03 Razvan Deaconescutranzactii-sex: Ignore img/ folder
2020-01-11 Razvan Deaconescutranzactii-sex: Initial commit with ideas as comments
2019-08-03 Razvan Deaconescucongruenta: Complete slides
2019-08-02 Razvan DeaconescuAdd slides for congruency talk
2019-08-02 Razvan Deaconescuframing: Add description of slides
2019-02-16 Razvan DeaconescuAdd slides for "Frame. Framing. Reframing" talk
2018-11-29 Razvan Deaconescureversing-is-fun: Reorder "portfolio" slide
2018-11-29 Razvan Deaconescureversing-is-fun: Complete slides
2018-11-29 Razvan DeaconescuAdd skeleton slides for "Reversing is Fun" talk
2018-11-29 Razvan DeaconescuAutomate creation of presentation and handout slides
2018-11-28 Razvan Deaconescusecretul-succesului: Complete slides
2018-05-19 Razvan Deaconescuanti-eroi: Change date
2018-05-19 Razvan DeaconescuAdd slides for "Anti-hero" talk
2018-04-26 Razvan Deaconescucommon-bullshit: Ignore output PDF file
2018-04-26 Razvan Deaconescusecretul-succesului: Add links and quotes
2018-04-26 Razvan DeaconescuAdd slides for "Common Bullshit" talk
2018-03-24 Razvan DeaconescuAd initial slides for "secret of success" talk
2018-02-18 Razvan Deaconesculucruri-care-conteaza: Remove SlideShare link
2018-02-18 Razvan Deaconesculucruri-care-conteaza: Add SlideShare link
2018-02-17 Razvan DeaconescuAdd slides for "Things that matter" presentation
2017-08-03 Razvan Deaconescucuvintele-au-putere: Add reference to "The Art of World...
2017-08-03 Razvan Deaconescucuvintele-au-putere: Add resources and recommendations
2017-08-03 Razvan DeaconescuComplete slides on "words have power"
2017-08-03 Razvan DeaconescuAdd slides on "words have power"
2017-08-03 Razvan DeaconescuIgnore macOS output files
2017-05-13 Razvan DeaconescuComplete slides for science and art presentation
2017-05-12 Razvan DeaconescuAdd draft slides science and art presentation
2017-02-18 Razvan DeaconescuAdd slides for presentation on A-grade teaching
2016-11-04 Razvan DeaconescuAdd slides for iOS hacking talk
2016-08-24 Razvan Deaconescude-ce-asamblare: Add quote on solving problems
2016-08-24 Razvan Deaconescude-ce-asamblare: Add slide on assembly concepts
2016-08-24 Razvan Deaconescude-ce-asamblare: Use correct name print_n_xor in slides
2016-08-24 Razvan Deaconescude-ce-asamblare: Add reference to CS:APP
2016-08-24 Razvan Deaconescude-ce-asamblare: Add links to resources
2016-08-24 Razvan Deaconescude-ce-asamblare: Add slide on Razvan story
2016-08-24 Razvan Deaconescude-ce-asamblare: Rename print_n_square to print_n_xor
2016-08-24 Razvan Deaconescude-ce-asamblare: Reorder slides
2016-08-24 Razvan Deaconescude-ce-asamblare: Add image on assembly operations
2016-08-24 Razvan Deaconescude-ce-asamblare: Rename source code files for matrix...
2016-08-24 Razvan Deaconescude-ce-asamblare: Rename matrix walk source code
2016-08-23 Razvan Deaconescude-ce-asamblare: Complete slides
2016-08-15 Razvan Deaconescude-ce-asamblare: Links to Joel on Software articles
2016-08-15 Razvan DeaconescuAdd skeleton slides for "Why assembly" presentation
2016-08-14 Razvan DeaconescuAdd slides on low-level at UPB presentation for EPFL
2016-08-14 Razvan Deaconescudespre-dezvat: Complete slides
2016-08-05 Razvan Deaconescudespre-dezvat: Expand SO to StackOverflow
2016-08-04 Razvan Deaconescudespre-dezvat: Complete slides
2016-08-04 Razvan DeaconescuUpdate global gitignore file
2016-08-04 Razvan Deaconescudespre-dezvat: Use images in content
2016-08-04 Razvan DeaconescuAdd slides on unlearning
2014-08-31 Razvan Deaconescufoss-upb: Fix typo in "Toools"
2014-08-28 Razvan DeaconescuAdd FOSS@CSE/UPB slides
2012-10-07 Razvan Deaconescursoc-vmchecker: Mention tests required on Conclusion...
2012-10-07 Razvan DeaconescuAdd rsoc-vmchecker slides
2012-08-29 Razvan Deaconesculab-maintenance: Complete slides
2012-08-29 Razvan DeaconescuAdd lab-maintenance folder
2012-08-29 Razvan Deaconescucssh: Update Makefile to take into account highlight...
2011-10-09 Razvan DeaconescuAdd LaTeX slides
2011-10-06 Razvan DeaconescuAdd CSE electronic tools slides
2011-09-07 Razvan DeaconescuAdd rss2email slides.
2011-09-07 Razvan DeaconescuUpdate no-hdd-debian slides to use base.mk.
2011-09-07 Razvan DeaconescuUpdate base.mk to use HIGHLIGHT_DIR.
2011-09-01 Razvan DeaconescuAdd "No HDD Debian" presentation.
2011-08-11 Razvan DeaconescuAdd task-management slides.
2011-08-11 Razvan DeaconescuAdd include/ folder and base.mk.
2011-07-16 Razvan DeaconescuBe clear about a path (cale) being a directory.
2011-07-14 Razvan DeaconescuRemove code/ reference in Makefile.
2011-07-14 Razvan DeaconescuAdd library presentation slides.
2011-04-14 Razvan Deaconescuorg-mode: add link to worg
2011-04-14 Razvan Deaconescuorg-mode: update "quote" from Dusan
2011-04-14 Razvan Deaconescuorg-mode: put beamerbox outside bullets in slide
2011-04-14 Razvan Deaconescuorg-mode: update highlight Makefile
2011-04-14 Razvan Deaconescuorg-mode: complete slides, add support for code folder
2011-04-14 Razvan Deaconescuorg-mode: add code folder
2011-04-13 Razvan Deaconescuadd skeleton for org-mode slides
2011-02-25 Razvan Deaconescumanage-git: correct basename in Makefile
2011-02-25 Razvan Deaconescumanage-git: add link to gitready
2011-02-25 Razvan Deaconescumanage-git: remove temporary file
2011-02-25 Razvan Deaconescumanage-git: rename git to manage-git
2011-02-24 Razvan Deaconescugit: complete slides
2011-02-24 Razvan Deaconescuremove texfiles folder
2011-02-23 Alinaadd git folder
2011-02-23 Razvan Deaconescuadd toplevel .gitignore file
2011-02-23 Razvan Deaconescucssh: add .gitignore file in code/ subfolder
2010-09-16 Razvan Deaconescucssh: complete cssh slides; add Parallel SSH
2010-09-16 Razvan Deaconescucssh: add Makefile for code/ folder
2010-09-16 Razvan Deaconescucssh: add sample test case
2010-09-15 Razvan Deaconescuupdate cssh slides
2010-09-15 Razvan Deaconescuadd skeleton sildes for Cluster SSH
2010-09-15 Razvan Deaconescuadd skeleton slides for gitosis-gitolite
2010-09-11 Razvan Deaconescuadd cluster SSH / parallel SSH skeleton slides
2010-09-11 Razvan Deaconescuadd gitosis-gitolite skeleton slides
2010-09-11 Razvan Deaconescuos-upb: ignore TeX output files
2010-08-12 Razvan Deaconescuos-upb: add remarks from Vlad Dogaru
2010-08-12 Razvan Deaconescuos-upb: complete version of os-upb.tex
2010-08-12 Razvan Deaconescuadd slides for "Open source in mediul academic" (August...