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ownerAlex Morega
last changeFri, 18 Feb 2011 09:38:58 +0000
2011-02-18 cataUpdated g++ command to compile master github/HEAD github/master
2011-02-16 cataOne more missing abbreviation from DLRM
2011-02-14 cataAdd abbreviations for the religious dictionary.
2011-02-14 cataAdd some missing abbreviations in DLRM.
2011-02-05 cataUse the /u modifier for certain regexp searches.
2011-02-04 cataAdd abbreviations for DLRM.
2011-01-26 cataFor most scrabble tools, show the current LOC version...
2011-01-26 cataSymlink LOC 6.0 templates as current
2011-01-26 cataReorganize the paradigm templates
2011-01-24 cataClone the Smarty templates for 5.0 paradigms
2011-01-24 cataFix a typo in the script that freezes a LOC version.
2011-01-21 cataAllow all moderators to edit lexem names/descriptions...
2011-01-21 cataOnly LOC moderators can edit lexems forms and descriptions.
2011-01-11 cataAllow anonymous users to compare two LOC versions.
2010-12-30 cataraise memory limit for script.
2010-12-20 cataraise memory limit to a script
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